Luckily for us, I have a friend who functions for an insurance business in her nation and said, "Um.your house owner's coverage should include that." Prior to the last strains of the angels singing the "Halleluiah Refrain" pale away we had an appointment with our insurance coverage adjuster to come see the harm. This fantastic woman listened to our… Read More

I'm certain most of you discovered about the Roman Emperor, Nero, in your globe background class in high school. Nero ruled the Roman Empire from Ad 54 till Ad 68. He was recognized as a tyrannical and brutal chief and lived a lifestyle of opulence, while in power. His topics, nevertheless, lived in abject poverty and Christian subjects were brutal… Read More

On 1 sunny late afternoon I was getting a discussion with friends at Utopia, an personal community jazz spot on U Street familiar to DC music lovers. There were four women, early twenties to mid-thirties, multinationals fluent in several languages, who all labored in the restaurant company. Great money and flexible hours still left them free to pur… Read More